If you have a car then you use it on a regular basis. This means that your car is subject to the rigors of driving. After a certain time, your car will require repairs and replacements of car body parts. This means that you would have to make the choice of what parts you want for your car. You usually have a choice of three different types of car body parts.

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The choices are OEM, Aftermarket, and Salvaged. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. You need to make sure that you are making the right choice when buying. You may already have heard about the differences in OEM and Aftermarket so I will not talk about that.

Here you will find the basics that you need to know about aftermarket car body parts. This information is vital It will help you make your decision on what to get and also help you decide on how much repair budget you should have. Before that, a quick rundown of how the other types compare to aftermarket auto body parts.

What Aftermarket Car Body Parts Offer You

So as you already know OEM body parts are basically factory issued body parts for a car. These will be identical to the original body part your car came with. And salvaged parts are the parts that have been taken from another car. Aftermarket parts are basically third-party manufacturers that make car body parts.

These are parts that are not issued by the manufacturer but isn’t any different than the OEM parts. So that’s the general rundown of the car body parts. Generally aftermarket auto body parts are cheaper than OEM. However, that is not always the case. Before the aftermarket sector was a way to use off-market cheaper body parts.

But nowadays due to the advancements in the automotive sector, the aftermarket sector has become so much more than that. There is a lot of variety within the sector and sometimes offers body parts upgrades that OEM parts are not able to offer. Aftermarket manufacturers can implement new technology and make upgrades to a body part which OEM and salvaged parts are not able to do.

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Also with so much variation in the sector, you can simply have a smaller budget and get the same quality of auto body parts. Cheap car body parts are the specialty of the aftermarket sector.

Now one thing you need to be careful about here is that with so much variation quality varies. You need to take special care when buying aftermarket parts. Verifying the quality and fit of the part is imperative.

You can easily do this by looking up the original part number and buying certified auto parts. If you can find a quality part you will even see that they have warranties on offer as well.

Other Names Of Aftermarket Parts

While they are known throughout the industry as aftermarket parts they are also known as non-OEM parts, generic parts, or competitive replacement parts. If you are thinking about upgrades then experts will often suggest aftermarket car body parts.

Higher quality aftermarket parts are now easily found and available to everyone. Gone are the days of cheap materials and bad finishing on products. If you know where to look then you may even come across aftermarket body parts that are better in quality then OEMs.

3 Major Benefits of Aftermarket Car Body Parts

  • Aftermarket car parts are cheaper than OEMs generally.
  • You can find aftermarket parts more easily than OEM or Salvaged parts.
  • Aftermarket car parts have warranties as well.
  • You can get various discount auto parts.

Aftermarket Warranties

There is a common misconception that aftermarket car body parts don’t provide or nullify warranties. There are plenty of aftermarket body parts manufacturers that provide amazing warranties on their products. If you are worried about warranties on your car then you should contact the dealership.

They will be able to provide you with better information. However, usually, you can use aftermarket body parts without having any warranties revoked. Also, many aftermarket car body parts providers provide great warranty benefits which extend more than the original warranty of the car.

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On top of that aftermarket parts, manufacturers make sure that they have certified products. While not all of them are certified but all quality parts will have certification. Make sure when you buy your car body parts they have CAPA and NSF International certifications. These are the two most reliable and reputable out there.

Know The Car Body Parts

So you had your car repaired a few days back and you don’t know what they used? Well, you should call up your repair shop and ask immediately. As a car owner, you should know what parts have been used in your car. While there are states where the insurance company can sanction parts replacement without your consent usually, they have to notify.

And in some states, they even have to get your approval. It’s not uncommon to see aftermarket parts used as replacement parts and it is not necessarily a bad thing. But as I said you should know what’s going on with your car. If you have any question you can consult with an expert mechanic.

They will be able to provide you with all the adequate information you need. If you are shopping for your own car body parts then you should first know the original auto part number. Then have look for the aftermarket equivalence of that part.

These are some of the things that you should know about aftermarket car body parts. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below. We eagerly await your response so give us a shout out on what you want us to cover next. Till then, See Ya!