Who doesn’t love cars? Regardless of age, demographic, or sex, we all have a special connection with these automotive marvels. You cannot deny the importance of cars in this day and age. From commuting long distances to work to going to the grocery store cars are required. But if you really love cars or is an enthusiast then you need more right?

You need, NO! crave anything and everything automotive. You need to know about the auto body parts, the maintenance hacks, where you can find the best discounts on auto parts and etc. So what do you do when this happens? Well, you search online of course!

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But with the advent of the internet and the recent boom in the automotive industry, the choices of information are vast. Well, this is where I come in. Here we will talk about the best automotive blogs out there in my opinion. These are blogs I refer to whenever I need any information about anything automotive.

Whether I need to know the best auto parts supplier or which parts to get to even find out what is wrong with my car I use these blogs. Now I will share my sources with you so that you can make your very own decision.

I will, however, leave out PartzRoot because well if you are reading this then you already know the quality we are providing and also because you should not be getting your information from only one source.

So what are the best auto blogs? Well, the following passages are the list of automotive blogs that you need to follow if you want to be in the loop for the automotive sector.

Eastwood Auto Restoration Blog

A long-standing member of the DIY community, Eastwood Auto has been in the automotive industry since 1978. You can find expert advice and help on the sites. They can help you with anything ranging from Auto Body Repair, Car Repair & Auto body parts recommendation through their blogs.

You can find a plethora of articles, videos, and other helpful content on the site. Eastwood post about three times a week and has an avid Facebook following of 600k plus.

Be Car Care Aware Blog

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The Be Car Care Aware Blog is the consumer education program of the Non-profit organization the Car Care Council. A blog I very much recommend to everyone for its insightful articles and blogs on cars and trucks and other vehicles.

The purpose of the blog is basically to educate the masses about the importance of vehicle care, maintenance, and repair. They post about 1 blog every two weeks and you should be looking them up if you care about your car.

From information about aftermarket performance auto parts to body shop parts suppliers and even auto body auto parts warehouses, Car Care provide you with all the information you need.

BA Auto Care

Brian England is one of the biggest voice for auto care within the automotive industry. He is the current president of BA Auto Care. His belief is that everyone should know and learn about vehicle safety and maintenance without question.

He encourages drivers to adhere to regular maintenance plans for their cars because he values the importance of maintenance. His blog contains a host of different topics all geared towards helping you get the best service out of your car and finding the best auto repair value. There is a new blog every month on the BA Auto site and it is always quality content.

Car Repair Info from MasterTech

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The personal blog of the car mechanic Mark Gittelman, this is where you get insider information on repair shops and car troubles. He is a master certified master technician from the National Institute for ASE and also he is a longtime member SAE International.

While he has always been a professional mechanic for the repair industry his real passion is classic cars. From giving advice on cheap auto parts and free shipping to finding the best discounts on auto parts. He gives his all to his Mastertech blogs. He posts around 4 blogs a month. This means you will never run out materials to read.

Humble Mechanic

This is an amazing blog run by a certified VW mechanic named Charles. He cares about the community and always gives his honest opinion on things. He will give you a rundown about everything, auto parts, auto repair and maintenance tips.

His words are absolute for his community as they know he has delivered quality every time. You can find out more about his life as a Master Mechanic for a dealership on his blogs. Make sure you check the Humble Mechanic out for great content and if you want to know more about anything automotive related.

BuyAutoParts BLOG

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If you have ever bought auto parts online then odds are you have come across Buy Auto Parts. One of the best sites to offer great discounts and even free shipping options on different auto parts. You can find any aftermarket or OEM part in the website.

However, that is not our focus today. One of the reasons they have a solid community is because of their blog section. Their blog has a vast collection of quality content that brings people back for more.

From automotive news, how-to's, tips, and articles on cars and truck parts you will never go empty-handed from this blog. If you are looking to buy auto body parts or auto parts in general, then you can check this BuyAutoParts blog.

Fill Up On Your Automotive Needs

So there you go, these are my choice for the best auto blogs around. I always look them up whenever I need to know something or need to catch up on the latest trends and news. While these blogs are great they are not the only ones.

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There are plenty of blogs out there that can help you with your car needs as well. Additionally, you can also try looking up for PartsCargo blogs.

Their blog section aims to fill with the latest auto news, guides and articles on all things automotive. Their blog on best auto parts store is a great read for any car enthusiast.

Also, make sure you do your own research and let us know if you find any other great blogs. We are always looking forward to your comments and suggestions. Until next time, Ciao!