The world is fast evolving. With the advent of the internet more and more people are getting into small businesses. People can provide a niche service without much investment and can find relative success through it. With all these new innovations happening around industries all over are converting into the digital space and also has a more communal business style. This adoption of a new business process has been even more prevalent in the automotive industry.

In both the wholesale and retail sector the innovations are coming through. With more and more people opening up auto parts stores online or creating passionate blogs about cars the retail section is booming. Older, bigger companies are moving towards a wholesale approach as well as the retail option to be able to get a bigger grasp on the market.

auto body parts wholesale

My focus though is on those who want to start their own online auto parts store. However, many people who start their journey don’t buy their products on wholesale. Which they should. You may be wondering, why should you buy auto body parts wholesale? Because when buying auto body parts on wholesale you will be able to save money.

Buying auto parts aftermarket automotive body parts in large quantities is the best way for a store to build its inventory. This is because large orders often accompany big discounts. Wholesalers will often provide you with quality products and provide convenience for your business. In the following passages, we will take a closer look at why you should buy your auto body parts on wholesale if you have an online auto parts store. You should also read more blogs on auto body parts to know more.


Ever wondered how your competition is able to offer such low prices on the same things as you whereas you can’t. Well, that is mostly because they are buying their parts from a wholesaler. Wholesalers will offer you good quality auto body parts at such a cheap rate that you will be awestruck. Often times you will find that they are selling the auto body parts at 70% less cost than the retail price.

Their model is selling in bulk to make a profit. This means if you provide a big enough order then you will be able to save a lot of money on individual auto parts. Even for car owners wholesalers are a good option. If you are handy with tools and do some repair and restoration by yourself.

Then you can order in bulk and save plenty of money on auto body parts. This will also save you from locating a shop to buy and save you a lot of money on the products themselves. Buying wholesale is the best option for a car owner who fixes his own car and a reseller who started an auto body parts shop.

Locating Rare Parts

If you own an old model or if you want to add parts of a discontinued model then you can consider contacting a closeout auto parts supplier. You can often find the rare parts that you want in your collection there. However, you have to remember since these parts are not in production anymore you need to do the quality control tests. Make sure that you don’t use parts that are completely worn out.

You can find suppliers for these parts easily and you can either get the parts for your store or if you have an older car you can use the parts to repair that model. This way you increase the longevity of the car and also make sure that you don’t need to buy a car which can be an expensive venture. There are plenty of wholesale auto body parts suppliers that specialize in auto body parts like these.

aftermarket auto body parts wholesale

And most of these suppliers often partner up with retail shops to provide the parts. If you are able to find a good supplier then they might even offer additional services like delivery or parts location. If you are doing a repair job on your car and you can’t do it alone then they may even be able to point you towards an expert who can. See you may have customers who are unable to file an insurance claim when the car gets damaged.

Either because of the age of the car or the standard of parts used. This is where your supplier of closeout parts come in handy. You can provide your customers with the parts they need for repairs without going through the time-consuming process of getting the insurance claim verified. You can be the solution to many customer’s woes about insurance time-wasting and expensive process of verifying a claim.

Warranties On Offer

One of the big reasons why you should buy your auto body parts from wholesale distributors is because they are often able to offer warranties on whatever parts they sell. Warranties are a must if you want to open up an auto body parts shop or a dealership. All you need to make sure is you choose a trusted supplier and have all the information about the parts that you need.

Provide the wholesaler with the list and they will be able to give you any information you may need regarding the shipment. From the year-make-model of the car that the parts are for, to the warranties and what will make the warranties void. The wholesaler can also help you out in selection if you tell them your requirements. Wholesalers are also time savers. When you are choosing a wholesaler, make sure you get one that provides delivery. Trust me this will save you a lot of time and that way you can focus on other aspects of the business.

auto body parts wholesale distributors

There are plenty of auto parts wholesale distributors in the USA, make sure you are choosing the right one. Whether it is for OEM or Aftermarket auto body parts or both it is imperative that the supplier is able to meet your requirements. You should also make sure that the supplier is reputable in its distribution of quality auto body parts.

Sign Up As A Reseller

So these are the reasons why you should make sure to sign up with a trusted supplier of auto body parts on wholesale. Having one will ensure that you get to offer your customers the best service and quality auto parts at the cheapest possible price.

Another thing to keep in mind when creating your auto parts store is that you need to add features so that your customers have it easy when looking for auto body parts. You can easily add VIN search like AutopartsZ while also incorporating a year-make-model format like PartsCargo.

aftermarket body parts wholesale

These features make sure that your customer can locate the desired auto body part as fast as possible. So with that said I will draw curtains on this discussion of ours. Remember setting yourself up as a reseller and having a trusted auto body parts wholesale distributor will go along way in establishing your business.

Feel free to leave us a comment on how you liked our presentation here and let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below. Till next time, Adios!