BMW unveiled the M8 in the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. This is the first M variant of the 8 series released by BMW. The concept of the M8 first came in the 1990s with them scraping the model for the 850CSi.

BMW m8 review

The M8 at that time was a beast at the time powered by a  V-12 with 550 horsepower and a top speed reaching nearly 200 km per hour. However, the world was then hit by a global recession which prompted the German manufacturer to switch to the less powerful 850CSi.

Now some 30 odd years later the company has revived the model putting it into production for the first time in 2019. Here is the review of the new beast from BMW.

The BMW M8 Introduction

While the M8 was unveiled back in 2018 it was not made available to the public until mid-2019. So what is the release date of BMW M8? Well, the M8 was available on websites on June 4th, 2019. The M8 was built and introduced as an upgrade to the M850i like the M5 was to the M550i.

The M8 was created to sit at the top of the M series range from the manufacturers. While the M8 and M850i use the same twin-turbo 4.4-liter V-8 engine and drives through an eight-speed automatic transmission, the M8 is better in every single aspect. However, the M8 has more “oomph” to it than the M850i. The M8 produces 600 horsepower to the 550 pushed out by the M850i.

The power reaches 617 horsepower if you are considering getting the competition package. The torque on it is amazing with the rear-biased all-wheel-drive system that can disengage power to the front axle and that translates well on the asphalt. The coupe and convertible models were the first ones to be put on sale shortly after that the four-door Gran Coupe was introduced.

The BMW M8 Details

The price for the regular models starts at 134,995 dollars for the Coupe and 144,495 dollars for the  Convertible. But if you want the competition package then you would have to pay an extra 13000 dollars.

In addition to the power increase, the M8 offers an upgrade in a host of different sectors. It has stiffer engine mounts, additional front-wheel camber, ball joints on the rear toe links to stiffen that attachment point.

bmw m8 specs

On top of that, the M8 has a bit of an aggressive hum to it for its electric components. This gives the car an extra layer of character. If you are getting the competition package then people would be able to see it as well.

The competition package M8’s come with a “Competition” badge under the M8 insignia. One of the most amazing things about the M8 is the amount of balance and control the manufacturers could install in the car.

Even in low-quality surfaces, the M8 performs admirably and that is not only limited to comfort. It performs admirably in sports mode as well. The chassis it seems has been created for a better grip. Plus the engine delivers power to all corners perfectly with the minimum fuss. This makes handling the car a breeze even in wet, slippery conditions.

The eight-speed standard is not only smooth and gentle to use but it also is fast responding like a dual-clutch 'box when faster shifts are required. When driving the M8 in its AWD sports mode there is no feeling that there is a rear power bias in the model. Maybe if you are pushing the car in a series of slow corners and large throttle openings will make you feel a slight back-end slip but the car quickly neutralizes this by distributing forward torque.

The only way to access the rear-wheel-drive in the M8 is to completely disengage the stability control. In terms of front-end response, the M8 is amazing with a high grip level. The M8 shrinks on a tight road better than its predecessor the M850i and its steering control are much better. One of the things you can say is bad about the M8 is its maneuverability at low speeds as it does not have the rear-axle steering.

However, if you are pushing the car hard you will see that it has more of a natural drive feel to it without a change in response time at both ends. The M8 has stayed true to its “M” roots by keeping this performance constant!

bmw m8 2020

The M8 brakes, on the other hand, do not impress as much. With the model coming with the trendy electric-booster setups and you can have that in both modes. However, the brakes feel a bit unnatural and the connection between the pedal and the brakes can’t really be felt and the result can be a bit of overzealous.

This is why we here at PartzRoot were a bit less enthusiastic about the brakes. From what I have seen till now the M8 is better suited to the race track than the M850i. The M8 allows for the progressive loss of rear-end grip and respectable yaw angles before intervening letting you enjoy the driving experience.

While the M8 has a much more muscular exterior styling than the M850i and it has patterned 20-inch wheels on the competition it still lacks when compared to the handsome Mercedes-AMG's 63 models.

Within the cabin of the M8, you will find darker trim, additional carbon, and more laterally supportive seats. The M8 uses the same gear selector like the M5 where you need to push sideways to shift from neutral to drive and left and forward for reverse. The M8 seats feel a bit cramped but it has been solved with the addition of the M8 gran Coupe.

new bmw m8

Is It Worth It?

I wish there was a simple answer to this. The M8 while superior in every aspect to the M850i is not that big of an upgrade.

Performance-wise there isn’t that big of a difference. To be very honest I feel that the 850i is as good an 8 series as the M8 while being 22000 dollars cheaper than the coupe and 35000 less than the competition package.

But as I said if you are looking at the top-end of the “M” series than this is the M8 is the only choice. So with that being said, our review for the M8 comes to an end.

Let us know how you like the new M8 from BMW in the comments below. Also, send us your thoughts and suggestions on what we should do next so that we can tailor the content more to your liking. Till then, Sayonara!